Digital & Scientific Literacy (SD33 Teachers/TTOCs/Teacher Candidates/Admin ONLY)

How do we know something in science? Literacy is a skill we need to parse the information around us. Participants will
explore scientific literacy by analyzing how technology and media can colour our understanding of the world. We will discuss
how to teach our students to best search for information and begin to build criteria for analyzing the information they find.

Target Audience

Grades 4 - 9


A14 9:45 AM - 11:45 AM

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  • Science World
    Nicole Vieira

    Nicole Vieira has been exploring her passion for education for as long as she can remember; Her BSc in Mathematics and BEd in Secondary Mathematics has led her from teaching in high schools to through many positions at Science World including after school science clubs at high risk schools with the Super Science Club, summer camps, Tech-Up programs all over BC and her current role as the Tinkering program specialist and gallery curator. When she's not tinkering with new activities or delivering school programming, she is studying Data Analysis at UFV and sipping on a pumpkin spice latte.