Yoga for the Classroom @VMS (SD33 Teachers/TTOCs/Admin ONLY)

The need for emotional regulation has never been greater.  Children and adults have the power to develop tools to help work through difficult emotions, to regulate their own nervous systems and most importantly to be able to slow down and hone the ability to listen to their own inner wisdom. 

An estimated 84,000 children and youth in BC have a diagnosed mental health disorder, yet less then 1/3 of those children seek or are receiving mental health services (

Depression, anxiety and mood disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disease among adolescents (

During this two hour session we will go through a very simple chair yoga class and meditation to experience the benefits first hand of yoga.  We will go through the WHY we would want to incorporate yoga and meditate techniques into school, the HOW and WHAT tools and techniques to use specifically and the WHEN to ensure kids leave wanting more, and are able to integrate these tools into their everyday life.  

Target Audience

Grades K - 6


A13 9:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Room We will meet at 9:45am at Vedder Middle School.
Vedder Middle School

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B13 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room We will meet at 12:30pm at Vedder Middle School.
Vedder Middle School

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This workshops is held offsite at Vedder Middle School - 45560 S Sumas Rd - Chilliwack, BC - V2R 1S3 - Canada


  • The Valley Bee Yoga & Art
    Brittany Zurowski

    Brittany Zurowski is an Adapted Chair and Kids Yoga Teacher as well as Owner of The Valley Bee Yoga & Art in Chilliwack BC. She has two Elementary aged kids in this District and is passionate about helping children develop tools to tackle life heart on! Through Yoga Poses and Games, mindfulness activities, and different Breathing and meditation techniques, Children can build their own personal tool belt to help them regulate their own nervous systems.