Circles for Environmental Education

Learn how the ancient, sacred, and social process of Circles can be utilized to empower our children and your to be hopeful, resilient and action competent in a time of ecological crisis and uncertainty.  This interactive workshop will draw from environmental concepts like Ecological Identity - how we identify ourselves in relationship to the natural world and our role with it - and ultimately introduce Circles as an exceptional Environmental Education tool.  You will come to know Circles through an experience of Circles. Through the world of bees and beekeeping (a unique Circles design called Circlebee), you will come to know the Circles process and what it entails, its essential building blocks and key Circlekeeping skills. This will involve juicy questions, heart-led storytelling, mindful rituals, meaning-making and more.


B09 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Room C 127

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