Powerful Poetry (SD33 Teachers/TTOCs/Teacher Candidates/Admin ONLY)

Do you cram a few short poetry lessons in during the last few weeks of school, or “run out of time” altogether? If so, you
are like SO many teachers who avoid teaching poetry for the simple fact that, while you can clap out the 5-7-5 syllable count of a Haiku poem, you really don’t know how! Join BC teacher and author Adrienne Gear as she shares ideas from her
BRAND NEW book all about celebrating poetry in your classroom ALL YEAR! Come to this session and you will leave
snapping and clapping to the rhyme, rhythm, and repetition of pure poetry joy!

Target Audience

Grades 3 - 7


B01 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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  • Adrienne Gear

    Adrienne Gear has been a teacher in Vancouver, Canada for over 25 years working as a classroom teacher, literacy support teacher. ESL teacher, teacher librarian and District Literacy Mentor.  She is passionate about literacy, learning and inspiring teachers to reflect and refine their practice in order to best support their students.  Adrienne developed Reading Power over 12 years ago and has been since working with teachers in many districts throughout British Columbia and Canada. Her practical and engaging workshops are in in high demand as well as her workshops, demonstration lessons and facilitated Reading and Writing Power leadership training. Internationally known, Adrienne has presented workshops in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Sweden.

    Adrienne is the author of seven professional books for teachers: (Pembroke/Stenhouse Publishers)

    Reading Power (2nd edition)(Pembroke, 2006)

    Nonfiction Reading Power (Pembroke,2008)

    Writing Power – (Pembroke, 2011)

    Nonfiction Writing Power (Pembroke, 2013)

    Powerful Understanding - (Pembroke, 2018)

    Powerful Writing Structures – (Pembroke, 2020]

    Powerful Poetry – (Pembroke, 2021)

    Her books have been translated and are currently available in English, French, Swedish and Chinese.