Python for Educators (SD33 Teachers/TTOCs/Teacher Candidates/Admin ONLY)

Python is a programming language: a tool for humans to communicate with the computer and with other humans! Python is very practical and easy to read and understand. It is taught in thousands of schools and universities, and is great for building web apps, video games, manipulating data and more! In this workshop we’ll explore a variety of coding concepts and practices, while experiencing example Python lessons and becoming more familiar with the language. We’ll also cover topics like assessment, lesson planning, and going “unplugged” in addition to sharing some awesome (free!) resources to help you get started with using Python in the classroom.

Target Audience

Grades 7 - 12


B08 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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    Kim Koren

    Kim is a lifetime learner who always wants to know the how and the why. She�s a graphic designer by trade, artistic by nature and an instructor by fate. As an ex-figure skater, she�ll always be a dedicated coach for both kids and adults - on and off the ice. Watching someone�s eyes light up as they figure out they are capable of overcoming challenging obstacles is one of the most rewarding things in Kim�s life.

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    Steve Dawson

    Steve joined CLC in the spring of 2018, having previously enjoyed a career in television post-production. He brings his love of storytelling and audience engagement to every workshop… and also dad jokes, lots and lots of dad jokes!